McKinney Teases Samsung Galaxy S6 with a Hint of Glitz

By Kiran Aditham 

With the mid-April release date of the Samsung Galaxy S6 looming, Durham, NC’s McKinney has launched the above spot to tease the new smartphone, which opts for metal and glass over the old plastic body design.

Call it “smartphone porn” if you must, but McKinney (with the help of Santa Monica-based VFX house ArsenalFX) uses its 30 seconds effectively to introduce “the next big thing” in an almost sexy fashion.

Ashley Hydrick, ArsenalFX executive producer, offers a little behind-the-scenes info, saying:

“This spot was shot practically with light reflections in camera using prisms and jewel tones. The trick with this project for us was to do cleanup and compositing around the light flares, replacing them to still look and feel realistic. Also the end tag (which looks like CG) was actually stitched together in Flame using previous shots of the phones resized and composited together in one shot.”

Showboating aside, let’s see how Samsung reacts to already-common complaints about the S6’s lack of a removable battery (among other things).


Agency: McKinney (NC)

AD: Alex Nassour

Agency Producer: Naomi Newman

Director: Mikon van Gastel


Production Co: White Label

Editors: Katz / Tessa Davis

Cosmo Street Editorial


VFX : ArsenalFX

VFX Producer: Shannon Sweeney