McKinney, Sennheiser Want You to ‘Let Your Ears Be Loved’

By Erik Oster 

McKinney has launched a new campaign courting millenial ears for Sennheiser, focusing on the company’s Urbanite brand.

The campaign is centered around  series of videos featuring a man with a German accent in a Sennheiser Urbanite costume and a giant ear. Both the headphone costume and the giant ear (which weighs in at 200 pounds) were created by Legacy Effects. In the 90-second launch spot, the Urbanite-dressed man professes his love for ears, and things get a little creepy as he demonstrates the various ways he pleasures ears on the giant ear prop. He assures viewers that he will lavish just as much attention on their ears. Other spots, all of which are hosted at Sennheiser’s campaign landing page, see him singing to an ear and explaining that he’s often asked to leave public places.

Starting today, Sennheiser will also be giving away 1,000 “Golden Ears,” which they’ve hidden around New York City, “on 11”x17” posters hanging in record stores, restaurants, boutiques and other locations frequented by millennials.” Each poster contains a removable golden ear, which can be redeemed for a pair of Urbanites “at the Ear Love Palace, a pop-up experience store at 1 Rivington Street on the Lower East Side of Manhattan.” Participants can also visit and share one of the campaign videos using the hashtag #EarLove for clues on the whereabouts of the Golden Ears. So what is listening to music on Sennheiser Urbanite’s like? Stay with us after the jump to find out.

Agency: McKinney

Client: Sennheiser

Campaign: Let Your Ears Be Loved

Chief Creative Officer: Jonathan Cude

Art Director: Josh Souter, Jordan Eakin

Copywriter: David Sloan, Madeleine Trebenski

Creative Technologist: Josh Souter

Experience Design: Jordan Clayton

Broadcast Producer: Nick Brenton


Production Company: PicRow / The Hall

Director: The Hall (Director collective)

Director of Photography: Mandy Walker

Executive Producer: Bill Reilly

Interactive Producer: Megan Wade

Print Producer: Suzanne Moore

Experiential Director: Frank Moran

Account Planner: Alex Brands

Media Director: Swap Patel