mcgarrybowen Plays iPhone Homewrecker for Verizon

By Erik Oster 

mcgarrybowen has a new ad for Verizon Wireless, advertising the company’s iPhone trade-in offer allowing customers to trade in their old iPhone and for a new one, supposedly for free.

In the spot, a man reading a newspaper comes across a print ad highlighting the deal and is intrigued, reading the offer out loud. His iPhone overhears, saying, “Did you say something, Paul?” For the remainder of the spot, Siri attempts to remind Paul of the good times they’ve had together in an attempt to stop him from trading the phone in. The efforts are for naught though, as he eventually gets to Verizon to make the deal, followed by the fine print explaining that the transaction is nowhere near as straightforward as just pictured.

Finding sympathy with the to-be-replaced phone may seem like kind of an odd tactic, but it ends up being a good source of humor and makes the spot memorable. And the approach is executed well, with Siri’s attempts to stop the trade-in well thought out and naturally paced with Paul’s trip to the Verizon store.


Client: Verizon Wireless
Agency: mcgarrybowen
Executive Creative Director: Cheryl Van Ooyen
Creative Director: Jamie Massam
Executive Producer: Suzanne Crowe
Copywriter: Michael Schneberg
Art Director: Liz Agans
Director: Jake Schreier
Editor: Frank Snider
Account Director: Jordan Liebman