mcgarrybowen Launches ‘Masters’ for Chase

By Erik Oster 

mcgarrybowen launched an extension of Chase’s “So You Can” campaign this week entitled “Masters,” designed to highlight its consumer banking products.

In the 60-second anthem ad (above), featuring Serena Williams, fencing champion Tim Morehouse and The Rockettes, mcgarrybowen contrasts the years these individuals took honing their craft with the seconds it takes to the moments it takes to pay bills at, depositing checks at Chase ATMs and transferring funds using the bank’s mobile app. There’s also a 90-second online spot profiling The Rockettes, including what goes into each performance and the years of intense dance training it took the performers to get where they are. Since the dancers only get one day off a week, using Chase’s consumer banking products help them multitask and pay their bills backstage. A 30-second spot, recycling some of the footage from the anthem ad, takes a look at Chase’s role in Morehouse’s routine. We don’t recommend his method of receipt retrieval, however, as it would likely get you thrown out of most bank locations. The ads are supported by social media, sponsorship and in-branch efforts.


Agency: mcgarrybowen, New York

Chief Creative Officer: Mark Koelfgen

Executive Creative Director: Ahmer Kalam

Creative Director: Malaika Danovitz

Sr. Art Director: Kevin Gladwin

Managing Director Content Production: Dante Piacenza

Sr. Producer: Stacy Kay

Sr. Music Producer: Jean Scofield

Executive Planning Director: Tata Sato

Managing Director: Andrea Huemmer

Account Director: Alex Ciociola

Account Supervisor: Max Lemberger

Account Executive: Kelly Malacarne


Production Company: Smuggler

Director: Brian Beletic

Producer: Erin Wile

Director of Photography: Bradford Young


Editor: Biff Butler @ Rock Paper Scissors

VFX: The Mill

Audio: Sonic Union