McGarryBowen Chicago is Back with More From ‘The Denskies’

By Erik Oster 

Last week, we introduced you to McGarryBowen’s new “Denskies” campaign for Sears, and it wasn’t pretty. The spots employed a tired “There’s a better way to…” gimmick and random offensiveness without any real humor attached. Now there’s a new spot in the campaign,”Chupacabra,” and it’s pretty much more of the same.

There aren’t any mouth-raping squirrels in “Chupacabra,” but there is a chupacabra. The Denskie patriarch accidentally beams the chupacabra into the house with a teleportation device he created to get products the family ordered there sooner (that’s the “There’s a better way…” tie in for this spot). What the husband, or any rational viewer, doesn’t expect is that the chupacabra isn’t bent on destruction but rather takes a fancy to Mrs. Denskie. (What is it with McGarryBowen, Sears and bestiality?) This ridiculousness is played up with the wife still deciding between Mr. Denskie and the chupacabra, in a “To be continued…” ending for the 1:10 spot. I’m not sure who decided this (or any of the “Denskie” spots) needed a sequel, as I can’t imagine anyone clambering for more after watching “Chupacabra.” Maybe it was just easier to run with this concept than to come up with a new, random idea incorporating zoophilia. Credits after the jump. Credits:


Advertising Agency: mcgarrybowen Chicago

CCO: Ned Crowley

Group Creative Director: Kevin Thoem

Group Creative Director: Lee Remias

Associate Creative Director: Jose A. Martinez

Associate Creative Director: Addhemar Sierralta

Director Of Production: Lisa Burke

Broadcast Producer: Lindsey Zuercher

Music Producer: Morgan Thoryk


Client: Sears

VP, CMO Sears: Jim Kunihiro

VP, IMC: Robert Raible

VP, CMO Lawn & Garden: Martin Lee

Advertising Manager: Rick Ray

Executive Producer Of Broadcast: Mary Pat Sampsell

Production Consultant, BBS: Deb Hardin


Production Company: Moxie Pictures

Director: Martin Granger

Producer: Heidi Soltesz

Editorial: Whitehouse Post, Chicago

Editor: Matthew Wood

Executive Producer: Dan Bryant

Producer: Jojo Scheerer

Visual Effects: The Mill

Producer: Anastasia Von Rahl

VFX Supervisor: Bill Higgins

VFX Supervisor: James Allen


Sound Design: Stimmung

Audio Mix: Another Country