McDonald’s, Arnold Deliver the ‘Egg McMuffin’ of Taglines

By Bob Marshall 

Upon viewing the above spot from Arnold Worldwide for McDonald’s, you probably scoffed at the idea of the “Egg McMuffin of” catching on as a widespread euphemism for “the best.” Either that, or you started debating which of McDonald’s breakfast items was the best. (“I get that you’re more of a McGriddle girl, but I’m a big biscuit kind of guy myself.”) Some of us did both.

The nice shout-out to Cadillac in the spot served as a reminder that no one under 50 (maybe older) has ever referred to anything as the “Cadillac of” similar but lesser things. Hey, maybe Arnold’s trying to blow the doors wide open for America’s youth and their love of ridiculous slang. Could this silly tagline along the same lines as “the cure for the common” actually make its way into popular vernacular? Well, this Hoboken apartment listing, this popular website, and this Twitter update sent to us in the release argue that it already has. In fact, we were given statistics that say the phrase “has been tweeted over 11,000 times on Twitter and mentioned nearly 1,200 times on Facebook since the debut of the commercial on December 29, 2011.”

Still skeptical? Of course you are. But, one true measure of determining whether this was surprising success or failure is seeing if it pops up in news headlines. Perhaps, sooner than you think, we’ll see Aaron Rodgers hailed as the Egg McMuffin of quarterbacks, Facebook called the Egg McMuffin of web 2.0 IPO successes, and Mitt Romney declared the Egg McMuffin of presidential candidates at the Republican National Convention. Credits after the jump.


Client: McDonald’s
Chief Creative Officer: Pete Favat
Group Creative Director: Chris Edwards
Creative Director: Pete Shamon/Mary Rich
Art Director: Mary Rich
Copywriter: Pete Shamon/Chris Edwards/Evan Dunn
Producer: Sean Vernaglia
Assistant Producer: Whitney Bogosian
Project Manager: Erica Krueger
Business Affairs: Jen Wrentmore
Planner: Laura Semple/Nicole Brooker
Account Service: Catherine Ellefson/Dan Gross/Meredith Kelly

Production Company: Bob industries
Production Company Producer: Phillip Sheridan
Director: Peter Care
Cinematographer: Kristian Kachikis
Editorial Company: Accomplice
Editor: Collin Cameron
Music Company: HiFi Project
Recording Studio: Soundtrack
Recording Engineer:Brian Heidebrecht
Special Effects Company: Zero VFX
VFX Producer: Brian Drewes/Rachel Walchak