McCann XBC Dances With MasterCard

By Erik Oster 

McCann XBC launched a new campaign for MasterCard, promoting the MasterPass, billed as “a safer, easier way to shop online.”

The spot stars SNL’s Kate McKinnon, who voices her frustrations with filling out online forms with a particularly bad pun. MasterPass, the spot purports, helps you shop more quickly so you can proceed from the tedious bits to trying on that new dress, or, in other words, “More shopping, less dancing.” McKinnon then proceeds to dance with a Spanish man in a large ballroom, while displaying some questionable Spanish speaking skills. Missed attempts at humor aside, the emphasis on “easier” while completely ignoring “safer” seems like a misstep, especially in light of recent high profile cybersecurity fails. But then it might be harder to square a more balanced approach¬†with the¬†clever “Shortcut to Priceless” tagline.

Agency: McCann XBC
CCO: Joyce King Thomas
ECD: Joel Rodriguez
ECD: Pete Jones
Copywriter: Skyler Dobin
ACD/Art Director: Jason McKean
Account Director: Jesse Lunenfeld
President: Devika Bulchandani
Producer: Craig Sklaver
Chief Production Officer: Nathy Aviram
Music Producers: Eric Johnson & Mike Ladman
Business Manager: Ken Krausgill

Production Company: Community Films
Director: Jared Hess
EP: Lizzie Schwartz
EP: Carl Swan
Producer: Dominick Ferro

Editorial Company: Cosmo Street
Editor: Lawrence Young
EP: Maura Woodward
Assistant Editor: Andy Berner
Producer: Anne Lai
Producer: Valerie Sachs

Visual Effects Company: Framestore
EP: Sarah Hiddlestone
Creative Director: David Hulin
Senior Producer: Nick Fraser
VFX Producer: Amy Fahl
VFX Supervisor: Matt Pascuzzi
Shoot Supervisor: Gigi Ng
Concept Design: Dan Solomon
CG Supervisor: Andy Rowan-Robinson
3D Team: Jack Caron, Michitaka Inoue, Tucker Prisco, Minji Sohn & Andy Rowan-Robinson
2D/Compositing Team: Matt Pascuzzi, Sebastien Boulange, Hieu Phan, Greg Gaskins, Khushnuma Savai, John Seppala & Charles Lee

Audio Record/Mix: Sonic Union
Engineer: David Papa