McCann Toronto’s Peel-Off Tattoo Posters Double as Fading Fast Coupons

By Erik Oster 

Have a tattoo that you regret? Maybe that Alex Rodriguez ink seemed like a good idea at the time. Maybe you thought you’d always love 98 Degrees as much as you did in 1999. But getting a tattoo removed is hard, right?

McCann, Toronto is working on dispelling that conception with their new work for laser removal center Fading Fast. They’ve created an outdoor campaign featuring billboards of tatted-out individuals. The catch? The tattoos can be peeled off to reveal that they are, in fact, coupons for 50% off tattoo laser removal at Fading Fast. McCann’s video for the campaign, featured above, shows people interacting with the posters and gradually removing all the tattoos. Bonus points go to the agency for featuring the music of The Ramones.

The campaign is a clever way of making tattoo removal seem easy, while also giving those who might be interested in removal incentive to go directly to Fading Fast. We suggest Chris Brown avail himself of their services if he’s in Toronto any time soon. Credits after the jump.Credits

Fading Fast – Peel-off Tattoo Installation
Client: Fading Fast
Creative Agency: MacLaren McCann, Toronto
Executive Creative Directors: Sean Davison, Mike Halminen
Group Creative Director: Cam Boyd, Troy McGuinness
Art Director: Arron Isaac
Copywriter: Natalie Greenspan
Photographer: Nikki Ormerod, Westside Studio
Agency Producer: Julia Auriemma
Editor: Jason DeMelo, Craft
Digital Retouchers: Jean Pierre Goulet, Katherine Lau, Craft
Graphic Production Artist: Sergio Matos, Craft
Production Manager: Steve Ferreira, Craft
Make-up Artist: Cait Mizzi, Craft