McCann SF’s Losing Around 50 in July

By Matt Van Hoven 

The issue here is less about this news, that as we reported McCann’s San Francisco office will let 50 or so folks go this month, and more about the state of the city. San Francisco seem to be following suit with every other major creative hub, big or small, within the United States.

Well, if you ask AdAge, they’ll tell you Minneapolis is all happening and stuff. But that piece reads more like a release than anything else. The problem isn’t that there’s a lack of creativity or people who can create solutions to business problems; it’s that Joe and Jane still aren’t buying stuff or if they are, it’s not enough or fast enough. Result: Microsoft is cutting back even more and the SF office of McCann will suffer.


We don’t know who or when, but starting tomorrow it’s going to be a rough month inside that office.

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