McCann Paris Launches ‘Bra Cam’ for Nestlé Fitness

By Erik Oster 

McCann Paris has a provocative new take on the breast cancer awareness PSA, launching the world’s first (according to them) “Bra Cam,” to remind women to check for breast cancer.

At the beginning of the spot, a woman fastens a hidden camera to her bra before heading out for the day in a somewhat revealing (but still plenty safe for work) outfit. The ad then brings up a counter recording each time her breasts are “checked out” over the course of the day. It’s an attention grabbing way to deliver a pretty clear message: Everyone else is checking out your breasts, so check them out yourself and self-examine regularly for breast cancer. The campaign comes complete with a social initiative asking women to post a #CheckYourSelfie, checking themselves out and inviting friends to do the same in an effort to raise breast cancer awareness and get more women to self examine regularly.


Client: Nestlé FITNESS

Clients: Patrick Schoellhammer, Nicolas Guillon, Janet Calgan, Elisa Costa


Agency: McCann Paris

Creative Director: Sarah Clift

Art Directors: Kate Pozzi, Sarah Clift, Caroline Gozier

Copywriter: Kate Pozzi

TV Producers: Sasha Mantel, Arnaud Lemens

Social Strategist: Mariam Asmar

Account: Cédric Vanhoutte, Cynthia Decant, Laurie Chappel, Leslie Adam, Julie Colombani


Film production:

Production Company: Outsider | The Corner Shop
Director: Ellen Kuras
Producer: Mel Nwanguma
DOP: Ellen Kuras
1st AD: Julian Higgs
Costume Designer: Lydia Kovacs
Edit: Rock Paper Scissors
Editor: Ted Guard
Post Production: MPC LA
Music: Human