McCann Australia Scares Up Another ‘Dumb Ways to Die’

By Patrick Coffee 

Everyone’s favorite PSA campaign promoting an obscure public transportation system is back via McCann Australia and John Mescall (who you may recall was recently promoted to the global ECD role).

The PSA has gone well beyond reminding riders to be careful when entering and exiting the train; over the summer the animated whatever-you-call-thems helped sell insurance, and now they’re here to remind us that Halloween might not be the safest time of year for kids…we think?

First, the “trailer”:

This time, we might even call the campaign “experiential” since its YouTube page asks viewers to choose whether they want a trick or a treat.

First the “trick”:

…and then the “treat”:

And here we expected a sanctimonious rant about the dangers of overdosing on sugar.

We noticed that this version of the campaign — the first edition of which earned more than 90 million views — has less to do with safety on public transportation than ever before.

As McCann told us earlier this week, we can expect more entries in the series next month: the website currently hosts a teaser for a Dumb Ways to Die game set to launch in November that will almost certainly win lots of awards and spawn even more parodies.