M&C Saatchi Rids New York City of the Naked Cowboy

By Patrick Coffee 

If the tiny, overcrowded island of Manhattan can name a more irritating resident than Mr. Cowboy comma Naked, we don’t know he or she might be. (Obvious exception for this turd.)

In order to promote client Norwegian Airlines’ low overnight fares from Europe to our very modest city, M&C Saatchi Stockholm flew the aforementioned Cowboy to Oslo and transformed the otherwise quiet, orderly Nationaltheatret subway station into something fit for the pages of The New York Post.

All your favorite midtown characters showed up: Peter Parker, a gospel choir, a fire-and-brimstone preacher, a Statue of Liberty stand-in, some breakdancers, a bucket drummer and two type 2 diabetes cases in Yankees jackets.

The airline has offered direct flights from Oslo to NYC since 2013, but the client’s VP of marketing Stine Steffesen Børke explains why the time to make light of that offering is now:

“Making the world more accessible by adding new direct flights at low prices, is what we do every day. But it’s the first time we make New York accessible to more than 40 000 morning commuters over night. That’s our way of saying that New York is closer than ever.”

Norwegian also flies straight from Oslo to Orlando, Boston and Ft. Lauderdale. But why would you ever want to visit any of those places?

(Unfortunately, the Cowboy and all his fellow cast members returned to New York after filming.)

Client: Norwegian
Agency: M&C Saatchi Stockholm
Film production: Motion Blur
Director: Kavar Singh
Casting & Props: PS Live
Media: Vizeum