Martin Puts Dragee in Harm’s Way Again in New Mentos Short

By Kiran Aditham 

That dirty hippie known as Dragee returns in Martin Agency’s latest digital short for Mentos, which follows up the blood-spattered effort from February. This time, the character, who’s living in perpetual zen mode even though he’s always a glutton for punishment, attempts to cross a busy street in Cape Town, South Africa after swallowing some of those minty pills. With positivity in mind and straight man Rick once again by his side, Dragee barely makes it a few steps before fate and a host of vehicles intervene, turning our protagonist into a jaywalking rag doll.

In Dragee’s mind,  it seems nothing is impossible, though unlike Boston Celtics star Kevin Garnett, the former’s never made it to the promised land in this social media-driven campaign, which once again leads to the Mentos Facebook page. Credits after the jump.


Chief Creative Officer: John Norman

Group Creative Director: Keith Cartwright

Copywriter: Mike Lear

Art Director: Dustin Artz

Strategic Planner: John Manley

Account Supervisor: Caroline Moncure

Agency Executive Producer: Brett Alexander

Agency Broadcast Producer: Tania Staykova

Agency Assistant Producer: Marlena Villery

Agency Digital Executive Producer: Lalita Koehler

Agency Digital Producer: Eryn Lovich

Production Company: Radical Media, NY

Director:  Rosey

Director of Photography: Tim Pike

Executive Producer: Jim Bouvet