Martin, Benjamin Moore Scare the Crap Out of Contractors

By Erik Oster 

Some good Halloween fun for you today…

Martin Agency client Benjamin Moore, and Tool director Jason Zada wanted to show that their Ultra Spec 500 paint goes on quick to get the project finished when you need it most — like when you’re scared shitless.

So they gave a group of painters a nightmare assignment: painting a wall in a “haunted” hotel. Upon arrival, the painters are told that “Years ago people with mental diseases were kept here for a period of time.” Once they start working, Benjamin Moore starts making all kinds of spooky things happen: strange noises, a rocking chair moving on its own, a chandelier rocking back and forth. “I don’t fool with no ghosts,” says one perturbed contractor.

The prank reaches its climax when the lights go out and a woman dressed as a ghost emerges, screaming. Predictably, the contractors freak out before the elaborate hoax is revealed. Their reactions are pretty priceless, and you’ve got to appreciate a prank like this in October. That the painting job was never finished does take away from the spot’s supposed intention, although most people probably won’t notice. There’s more horror-styled fun at Benjamin Moore’s “Scary Good Job” website, where contractors (or just people who need a lot of paint?) can enter to win a 500-gallon supply of Ultra Spec 500.

You can check out the “Testimonials” video after the jump, in which painters share their own horror stories of “nightmare” jobs. Credits follow.

Chief Creative Officer: Joe Alexander

Creative Director: Vanessa Fortier

Creative Director / Copywriter: Dave Gibson

ACD / Art Director: Mauricio Mazzariol
Senior Designer: Thiago Balzano

Strategic Planner: Matt Mattox, Kevin Rothermel

Group Account Director: Rich Weinstein

Agency Exec Broadcast Producer: Christina Cairo

Project Manager: Lassiter Stone

Director of Digital Production: Darren Himebrook

Digital Producer: Mary Dunn

Associate Director, Design: Josh Corliss

Associate Director, Technology: Chris Fullman

Technical Lead: Jeremy Misavage

Developer: Robert Lavoie

Technical Lead: Kevin Power

Production Company: Gorilla Content

Director: Jason Zada

Director of Photography: Lyle Vincent

Executive Producer: Danielle Peretz

Line Producer: Shai Kedem

Where were the spots shot?: Briarcliff Mansion – Atlanta, GA

Editorial Company: CosmoStreet

Editor: Jeff Grippe

Assistant Editor: Jason Overbeck

Motion Graphics Editor: William Tiki

Executive Producer: Yvette Cobarrubias – Sears

Producer: Jamie Lynn Perritt

Audio Post Company: Rainmaker – Richmond, VA

Engineer: Jeff McManus

Executive Producer: Kristin O’Connor

Music & Sound Design: Hi-Fi Project

Composer: Robert Di Pietro, Michael Gatt, Michael Kotch

Sound Design: Robert Di Pietro

Executive Producer: Birgit Roberts