Mark Moll Returns, This Time with New Project Aimed at Aiding Freelancers

By Kiran Aditham 


It’s been over a year since we last heard from Mark Moll, the former R/GA ECD and SVP/creative director at Leo Burnett who’s been making the rounds on the freelance circuit for some time now. Well, now that he’s concocted “Take Your Non-Ad Person to Work Day” posters, Moll has returned with a project aimed at his fellow freelancers in the industry with an effort called “The Freelancer’s Opportunity-Based Day Rate Sliding Scale.” Concepts for a site for this Scale are being developed as we speak, but in the meantime, Moll explains his latest project to us, saying, “The life of a freelancer is pretty nice. Decent hours, no politics, no client meetings. Everything is good except the fact that you don’t produce a lot of shiny new work. It’s not for a lack of wanting, it’s just that most freelancers have to slog through the less than stellar projects. Enter The Freelancer’s Opportunity-Based Day Rate Sliding Scale. The better the assignment the better the price. The not so great the assignment, well, then it’ll go the other way.”



Apologies for the size and making you squint (the image was damn huge) but according to Moll, the Scale is “not for everyone. It’s merely a friendly suggestion, sized in a poster for your favorite recruiter’s wall.” Other categories Moll has included in the Freelancers Sliding Scale are pharma, tech, deodorant and food & beverage. We’ll update once a site is actually launched, but Moll says it will be a simple destination where you can enter a client and based on the strength of the current work it will give you a opportunity/day rate number to consider. As for other projects, the industry vet is also contemplating not only a return to full-time work, but starting a competition called Old Guns, which would cater start competition called Old Guns. One made for people who have been in the business at least 15 years or are over 45. He adds, “Everything is targeted at the younger ones in our business, it’s time someone celebrated the ones [who have been in the business a while and encourage them to flex their creative muscle.” We’ll keep you posted as we hear back from the man.