Man Responsible for Gerber Hoax Arrested

By SpyWriter 

When I saw the video of the maniac claiming to have poisoned jars of Gerber baby food I was certain it was a hoax. The NY Post has confirmed that it was and the culprit behind it has been arrested. The idiot posted two videos with racist rantings of how his plan to kill black babies had been put into action with the help of a Gerber employee and he expected many babies to die. Gerber was bombarded with calls about the videos and has spent the week easing consumers concerns.

The 42 year old Manhattan resident was arrested Tuesday and charged with falsely claiming to have tampered with a consumer product and sending threats in interstate commerce. Charges that can secure him up to 10 years in prison.

The video doesn’t appear to be very damaging to the brand thus far. The FDA hasn’t reported any deaths related to the baby food. And Gerber didn’t seem to be worried about it’s brand being damaged either. There weren’t any press releases. But, as is the case with most viral videos, the video will continue to make the rounds over the next few weeks. So only time will tell if Gerber has to make more of an effort to protect it’s good name.