Malibu Resorts To Infomercials

By Michael Musco 

Digital shop Great Works and Tim & Eric writer Eric Fensler collaborated on this Malibu Rum effort that’s comprised of a video trilogy to promote the booze brand’s new Cocktail drink packs.

These ads are a play on infomercials we see every day of some product that benefits our lives and makes things easier and convenient. The products depicted in these spots are over the top and ridiculous, but that’s just the whole point of course.

Is it an effective way to go about this product? I’m not sure. The product itself is shown very briefly and depicted as a bonus if you order the contraption being advertised. They even went so far as creating a website that’s just as cheesy as the ads themselves and a 1-800 number to top it all off. You can see the rest of the spots after the jump.

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