Macy’s Drops JWT for BBH, Figliulo & Partners

By Patrick Coffee 

As we first reported nearly a month ago, JWT has lost its status as lead creative agency on Macy’s holiday campaigns.

The client, which was typically tight-lipped in responding to our queries in April, confirmed to AdAge that it had in fact issued an RFP late last year–meaning that its decision to seek other agencies predated the lawsuit filed against now-former CEO Gustavo Martinez.

The news does coincide with the departure of Martine Reardon, who is stepping down as the chain’s CMO after five years. Today she gave AdAge a statement:

“F&P and BBH have delivered some exciting and creative concepts that will further cement the magic of our fashion and entertainment brand with consumers.”

The client provided a bit more information to AdAge about how the holidays are its most important time of the year retail-wise, but you already knew that.

Reardon did not clarify which agency will create which portions of the account, but based on their past work it would seem that BBH will be handling the TV campaigns.

The news marks a pretty big win for Figliulo, which has been recovering from its 2014 Sprint loss in recent months by picking up Virgin Atlantic, Seaborn Cruise Line, AC Hotels and, most recently, Pete and Gerry’s Organics.