Lose Weight in all Those Hard to Reach Areas

By Matt Van Hoven 

Like a vain supermodel who’s just a bit past his or her prime, today’s ad agency has to be prepared to get rid of extra weight at a moment’s notice. And we don’t mean by going to the gym.

We hear Carmichael Lynch has developed a habit of trimming the fat, quietly making visits to the plastic surgeon and hoping to hide the scars. But you can only fire so many addies before AgencySpy finds out about it.


“CL likes to trim a little here, a little there, and stay out of the press and under the radar,” said our spy.

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When the agency let its head of planning go, it was expected that Marcus Fischer, group planning director, would at least be considered to take over. But he didn’t. We’re working to confirm who that planner was.

“A couple of months back, in addition to a couple of creatives, they pink’d [sic] their Head of Planning, (Fischer wasn’t named as the successor. Draw your own conclusions.) A couple of months before that, 5 or 6 more were shown the door. Before that, the Head of Account Service quietly ‘left.’ (His job was not refilled.) And there are more, like the cd who was promoted to gcd, then pink’d [sic] two weeks later. But who knows? Maybe it’s a blip, or an aberration. But history, and a tepid new biz record, might suggest otherwise.”

This is the same Minneapolis agency that brought us the Jack Links “Messin’ with Sasquatch” spots, and that is currently trying to save the Sherwin-Williams account (which is in review), made some markedly lame Porche spots, and could be facing a Harley Davidson review too.

If you have more information on the details of CL’s current situation, e-mail us at agencyspy@gmail.com, IM/Twitter AgencySpy.