Looking Back: Canadians on Gay Marriage

By Matt Van Hoven 

A few weeks ago we asked you if you know which agencies (if any) are serving the GLBT community. You responded, including in your comments names like McKinney in North Carolina, YesDesign Group in Los Angeles and Tiffany Hughes, a CD at Metric Interactive. What we noticed about your responses is that they were devoid of names like BBDO, CP+B, JWT and those other big agencies we sometimes talk about.

So from this we gather that either very few agencies want to tap into this financially viable community or, what is more likely, no single shop is dedicated to serving just that market. Case in point, Zig, which produced the campaign you see above (and after the jump). Their very short ads point out how different gay couples are from “the rest” (tongue in cheek of course). But the campaign was a one off &#151 fuel for future GLBT related work, but not a direction, per se (nothing wrong with that in any way, shape or form). Click play.

Anyway, we’re kind of amazed that an agency hasn’t formed to serve this highly lucrative market. A report sponsored by the National Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce found that the GLBT community has $712 billion in buying power. So much for “untapped” markets, eh? This reminds us of that time when you guys realized teens spend money. Remember that?

Before we get our undies in a bunch about the ever-present need to change with the market, let’s take a look at what’s already there &#151 a group of people with a lot of money who probably wouldn’t mind seeing a lady propose to another lady in a Zales spot. Just sayin’.

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