Logorama: An Homage to Oversaturation

By Kaitlin Madden 

Last night’s Oscar-Winning Animated Short Film, Logorama, proves just how pervasive modern advertising is. The entire 16-minute film was comprised solely of recognizable logos and characters from the ads of over 2,500 large corporations.

Nicolas Schmerkin
, the film’s producer, was quoted backstage, saying the film-set in Los Angeles-was “not about America. It’s about our modern western world. So it also applies to France and Buenos Aires, where I am from, so it’s not about Americans. It’s about the way we live and the way we react to these logos. The brain can register 14 logos in less than one second. Making the logos characters with sets and props is about what we’re living. I’m not talking about what the logos represent. They’re used for what they are.”

The short film took three directors over six-years to produce.

Via Indiewire

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