Livestrong Turns the Cancer Fight into Art

By Bob Marshall 

About 400 miles west of Austin, TX, the headquarters of the Lance Armstrong (LIVESTRONG) Foundation, lies the tiny desert town of Marfa, TX. At under 2,000 residents, Marfa is home to its own film festival, NRP affiliate KRTS and the Marfa 100, a charitable bike race started last year that benefits the local public radio station and the LIVESTRONG Foundation.

To publicize the bike race, the LIVESTRONG Foundation and Latin Works sought to found a visual representation of cancer survival. The solution? PedalPainting.

100 people took turns riding bikes outfitted with paint brushes for 1km each, producing a unique group of posters dedicated to those who battle cancer. Cue Bon Iver crooner “Calgary,” and you have the tear-inducing video above. To learn more about the Marfa 100 and the LIVESTRONG foundation, including details on how to register for and donate to the race, click here.