Like a Phoenix, Beer Ice Cream Arises From Ashes of ‘Summerbration’

By Matt Van Hoven 

This summer marked, for AgencySpy, one of the worst campaign names we can remember, for Corona. The beloved beer’s agency Periera & O’Dell went with, “Summerbration” to celebrate “90 days, 90 reasons to drink Corona.” Good idea, terrible name. At the time, we called the branding “fucktastically shitteous”. What we didn’t, nay, couldn’t have known at the time (unless someone had told us) was that part of the campaign included a Corona ice cream day. It was June 8th, and no one friggin told us. Ack!

The dessert, called “Corona with Lime” is allegedly tasty, and although it’s not planned for retail sale, we’ve heard we may be able to get our mitts on a pint. Oh please ice cream gods, bestow upon us the gift of your glorious beerscream, for consumption during Battlestar Galactica. So say we all.

Update: We’re getting some of this stuff tomorrow. Will report back then, with stomach ache.

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