Let it Rain: Ritz Promises to Create Song if YouTube Clip Gets 10k Views

By Matt Van Hoven 

Sharpe Blacke Euro RSCG have struck a semi-interesting deal with client Ritz that stems from comments on an ad the agency recently created for the snack company. Here’s how it went down.

SBER creates the ad you find after the jump, including a 30 second song that’s kinda nice to listen to. Commenters on the YouTube page where the ad (called “Let it Rain”) is posted ask where they can find the song. SBER creative director Ron Tite makes the video above explaining that they’ve heard the comments and made a deal with Ritz.

It goes like this: if 10,000 people watch the video by June 10, Ritz will pay the artist to complete the song (a full 3 minute version), and it will be posted on iTunes, etc. All the proceeds from folks who buy the song go to the artist. Nifty.

So, why are we posting this? Two reasons:

1) It’s cool that Ritz/SBER are responding in, basically, real time to their customers.

2) Only 10,000 views? Is that what constitutes a viral these days? Maybe setting the bar low is a good thing, since those numbers may better reflect the sector of Ritz lovers who like the ad (which is posted after the jump) and who happen to be savvy enough to find it on YouTube.

But if 10k views is all it takes to become “viral” enough to impress a brand, well then the industry may have a bigger opportunity with online video than seemed obvious.

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