Lest You’d Forgotten, Here’s How to Reach Us

By Matt Van Hoven 

With the holiday season drawing ever near we realize you’ll be hunkered down to get the work done. Proposals to draft, concepts to concept, shoes to tie; you’re busy people. And sending tips to a blog definitely isn’t a priority.

But should you want to share something &#151 like a funny story or a picture of your hard-working CCO passed out on his couch (don’t be stupid), feel free to send it our way. Here’s how (anonymity guaranteed!):

&#151 Anonymous Tips Box: this poorly placed tiny box is right above the “Topics” section on the right side of the page. Add links, commentary and whatever else suits your fancy. We won’t be able to tell who you are. We do ask that you provide a touch of context when possible.

&#151 Email: A great second option is email. Agencyspy at Mediabistro dot Com is always on. Tip: send us stuff from your personal account for added sense of security. Again, anonymity guaranteed, if you ask for it.

&#151 Twitter: We try to follow all of you, but that’s time consuming. Want to share something fun? @agencyspy is our name, and listening to you is our game.

&#151 Instant Messenger: This tried and true method puts you right in our face. Want to annoy us? Feel free, annoying guy. For ease of memory, we’ve aptly named our account “AgencySpy”.

&#151 Phone: You’ve been using this method more and more. The SpyLine sits on my desk, and since we’re sans caller ID, your anonymity is super easy to ensure. Plus it’s nice to talk to people sometimes. You needn’t mask your voice (like that one guy), but it can be fun. We’re chatty folk. 212.547.7935.

That is all. Please talk to us &#151 it’s lonely being green.