Leo Burnett Worldwide CCO Thinks Facebook is Where You Go to Honor Him

By Matt Van Hoven 

No one should say Leo Burnett is stuck in the olden days anymore because their Wordlwide Chief Creative Officer Mark Tutssel totally has a Facebook profile now. Except it looks like he had some peon set it up for him as a “this is why Mark Tutssell is super awesome” page. Lolcatz, he’s doing it wrong. ie his personal description paragraph (psyche, after the jump):

One of the most awarded creative directors in the industry and as the creative leader of Leo Burnett Worldwide he oversees the work of 96 global offices.”

Who isn’t one of the most awarded bla blas in the industry these days? Though he may be telling the truths, he neglected to add, “and by telling you this, I forfeit all modesty.” Furthermore, “he oversees” indicates dude didn’t write this himself. He has people, everyone, what he doesn’t have is time to mess around on faceplace (what old people call Facebook).