Leo Burnett Sydney and Samsung Can Livestream Your Baby’s Birth

By Patrick Coffee 

Do you have an empty stomach? Good.

This six-minute Samsung ad, created by Leo Burnett’s Sydney office, went live six days ago and already has eight million views, but it just hit the trades this morning.

For once, the phrase “short film” is justified. The ad depicts an Australian father witnessing the birth of his third son from 4,000 kilometers away…with the help of Samsung’s new Gear VR device.

Get ready…

The client’s CMO calls the film “immersive content,” which is one way of putting it.

Here’s your big block quote from Leo Burnett Sydney CCO Andy DiLallo:

“This goes beyond what the technology does and how it works – it’s about how it touches and changes peoples’ lives in new and compelling ways by allowing them to be part of experiences that they would otherwise miss. In Jace and Alison’s story, that was sharing the miracle of birth through the miracle of technology.

This technology gives people the ability to ‘be there’ to experience life-changing, life-defining or life-affirming moments that would previously have been missed, and make emotional connections that would not otherwise have been made. This is about harnessing the potential for truly remarkable shared connections that are at the core of the human experience.”

We liked the landscape shots.


Chief Creative Officer: Andy DiLallo

Worldwide Chief Creative Officer: Mark Tutssel

Executive Creative Director: Vince Lagana

Executive Creative Director: Grant McAloon

Creative Director: Sharon Edmondston

Creative Director: Misha McDonald

Art Director: Vince Lagana

Copywriter: Grant McAloon

Executive Producer: Jeremy de Villiers

Design: Bruno Nakano and Jason Young

Client Services Director: Amanda Quested

Business Director: Laura Dowling


Production Company: Rapid VR

Director (Perth): Dave Klaiber

Director (QLD): Taylor Steele

DOP (Perth): Earle Dresner

DOP (QLD): Ben Nott

Executive Producer: Susannah DiLallo

Casting Director: Toni Higginbotham Casting

VR Specialist: Dan White

Production Manager (Perth): Lizzi Topen

Production Manager (QLD): Garrett Robinson

Production Manager (SYD): Catherine Warner

Focus Puller (Perth): Eamon Dimmitt

Focus Puller (QLD): Jeremy Donohoe

Data Wrangler (QLD): Kareem Anti

Gaffer (QLD):Matthew Slattery

Sound (Perth): Trevor Hope

Sound (QLD): Paul Jones

Runner (Perth): Matt Hodgkinson

Runner (QLD): Ashley Hooker


Music Soundtrack: All I want

Band: Kodaline

Sound Mix: We Love Jam



Account Director: Jacqui Purcell

Digital Account Director: Angelique Crusius



Chief Operating Officer Matthew Gain

Technical Product Specialist Matthew Wu

Associate Director Carla Webb