Leo Burnett London Positions McDonald’s Chicken Selects as Too Good to Share

By Erik Oster 

Leo Burnett London launched a campaign promoting McDonald’s Chicken Selects, the first time the line has received its own dedicated above-the-line marketing since its launch in 2007.

In the spot, two women bond when stuck in an elevator. Beginning when one of the women shares her water, they become fast friends and are soon sharing everything, from earbud headphones to shoes and scarves. When the door is pried open just enough to give the two women a bag of McDonald’s, the limits of this generosity is tested.

The lighthearted humorous approach is fitting for the brand. While the “too good to share” schtick feels a bit tired, the preceding establishment of their fast friendship is not without its charm and helps the pivot not fall too flat.

The 60-second spot made its debut across cinemas in the U.K. and Ireland on December 24 and a 30-second version made began running on broadcast yesterday. The campaign will continue to run for six weeks, with support from display ads, OOH and social media initiatives.