Leo Burnett, esurance Tell Pokemon Go Players, ‘Don’t Catch and Drive’

By Erik Oster 

Leo Burnett gets in on the (now waning) Pokemon Go craze with a new spot for esurance telling players of the popular mobile game, “Don’t Catch And Drive.”

That’s solid advice, as distracted driving can lead to some nasty accidents and, according to the 30-second spot, such unwanted Pokemon as Dingduck, Collidaquill, Scratcherscray and the dreaded Fenderbendix. In the spot, people who have just gotten into car accidents of various kinds unenthusiastically talk about catching these characters. Leveraging a new mobile trend to warn people against distracted driving is an approach that makes sense for the brand, fitting nicely with its “Insurance for the modern world” tagline.

Leo Burnett and esurance also staged a fake collision with a hot dog vendor in Chicago, with the Fenderbendix on scene as the supposed cause of the mishap. Scrawled in the sidewalk near the scene, which according to the case study initially fooled a few onlookers, is a message reading, “smart people #DontCatchAndDrive” along with the esurance logo, to let people know that’s it’s just an advertisement. Presumably no hot dogs were harmed in the stunt.