Leo Burnett Brings GMC Into ‘Techno-Themed’ Future

By Bob Marshall 

Pickup trucks are normally seen in advertising rolling through mud pits, having hundreds of pounds of cinder blocks dropped on top of them or navigating through impossible obstacle courses. So, give Leo Burnett Detroit credit for showing the new GMC Sierra from a different perspective.

According to this spot, GMC’s testing facility is about 100 years ahead of its time, employing much of the futuristic technology from Avatar to examine the inner-workings of its trucks. Meanwhile, much like an Abercrombie & Fitch store, techno music blasts in the background. It’s definitely a new approach to capturing the masculinity with which pickup trucks are generally associated, and it seems as though X-rays might be making a comeback ala 3D. Credits after the jump…


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Agency producer: Mark Nicolas
ECD:Peter McHugh
CD/CW: Chad Laughlin
AD: Jesse Rea

Production Company: BRW USA
Director: Fred Raimondi
EP: Andy Traines
Line Producer: William Butler-Sloss
DP: Anghel Decca

Editorial Company: Migrant Editors
Editor: Nate Hubbard

Post/FX company: Asylum Visual Effects
EP: Michael Pardee
VFX producer: Les Jones
VFX supervisor: Zack Tucker
3D supervisor: Jeff Werner
2D lead: Joseph Brattesani

Telecine: New Hat
Telecine artist: Bob Festa