Leo Burnett, Allstate Foundation Want You to Help Fund ‘America’s Largest Prison Break’

By Erik Oster 

Leo Burnett launched a new campaign for the Allstate Foundation’s Purple Purse initiative entitled “#FreeToWalk” with a harrowing PSA spot about domestic abuse, “America’s Largest Prison Break.”

The spot opens on a woman in a small prison cell, symbolic of the real, wall-less prison she faces due to domestic abuse. As the VO delivers verbal abuse, understood to be from her partner, she reaches for a tampon box where she has hidden away money. “America’s Largest Prison Break” is based on the story of an abused wife and mom in Michigan who spent two years hiding away money in such a fashion, in order to escape her abuser.

Warning: the spot contains instances of domestic abuse and may be upsetting/triggering to some viewers. It’s a downer.

The spot makes its point, that many domestic violence victims can’t “just leave” because of financial dependence and financial abuse, near its conclusion, after the woman leaves the house. Text reading “The #1 reason domestic violence victims can’t ‘just leave’  is because they’re being abused financially” appears onscreen as the camera pans out to reveal a barbed wire fence surrounding the suburban home.

The spot concludes by asking viewers to “Help fund the largest prison break in America” by donating at purplepurse.com.

Client: Allstate Foundation
Agency: MSLGROUP/Leo Burnett
Campaign: Purple Purse
Name of Ad: America’s Largest Prison Break
CCO: Britt Nolan
Executive Creative Director: Charley Wickman
Creative Director: John Kistner, Scott Smith, Mikal Pittman
Art Director: Denison Kusano, Lindsay Stevens
Copywriter: Jeremy Adams, Melanie Sawyer
Group Executive Producer: Veronica Puc
Producer: Leah Karabenick
Production Company: Greenhouse
VFX: Greenhouse
Director of VFX: Ang Puglise
Strategy/Planning: Amrita Bhatia, Katie Ablan
Director: Mikal Pittman
DP: Paul Cameron
Line Producer: Jonathan Becker
Editorial: Greenhouse
Editor: Greg Somerlot
Color: Filmworkers
Colorist: Jeff Altman
Music: Human
Recording Studio: Another Country
Account: Varsha Kaura, Sheila Berlman, Kelly Chuipek, Josh Crost
PR: Amy Cheronis, Lynsey Elve, Lily Merritt