Leo Burnett Added To NYFIAA 2010 Ad Agency Of The Year Award

By Bob Marshall 

Yesterday, the New York Festivals International Advertising Awards (they should really shorten that name to the “Yorkies” or something) added Leo Burnett to their Ad Agency Network of the Year Award.

Initially, Leo Burnett had been left out of running as their winning companies, Lapiz and Arc Worldwide, did not carry their parent company’s name in the final tally.

NYIFAA CEO James Smyth issued an apology to Leo Burnett saying, “”As the global reach of advertising networks continues to expand, a parent company’s brand name is not always included in the names of regional or local ad agencies that are wholly or partly owned by the parent company. New York Festival’s oversight that resulted in the winning work of Arc Worldwide and Lapiz being omitted in the final tally for the Leo Burnett network is regrettable and we apologize for this oversight.”

Young and Rubicam also shared the award with Leo Burnett.

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