Leo Alum Hahn-Griffiths Finds New Gig…We Think

By Kiran Aditham 

It appears that nearly two months after his exit from Leo Burnett Chicago’s hub, said agency’s former chief strategy officer Stephen Hahn-Griffiths has found a new gig according to tipsters. At least he’s on to something. Read in full below, because you know you crave the long-winded explanation:

“BOSTON – October 1, 2012 – Protobrand, a research and branding firm headquartered in Boston, MA, announced today that Stephen Hahn-Griffiths, former Chief Strategy Officer of Leo Burnett, will be making a significant investment into the company and act as a strategic adviser and partner.

“I’ve been working with Protobrand for a couple of years and have been extraordinarily impressed by their approach to yielding brand solutions. After spending 20 plus years in advertising, I can see a gap in the marketing landscape for a new type of research and brand agency that can provide world class strategic thinking to their clients. While traditional agencies are particularly good at creativity, it is increasingly apparent to me that the ability to bring new insight to the table and inspire better work is what ultimately distinguishes one agency from another. I think that is where Protobrand excels. They have revolutionized consumer research with their patent-pending tool Meta4 InsightTM.’”

As for Protobrand, the Boston-based research and branding firm has functions including “Meta4” and “18pt Brand Audit,” which makes us want to watch a movie like The Master sooner than later. During his career, Hahn-Griffiths has also worked at the likes of Mullen, where he was managing partner, CSO and Doner, serving nearly nine years and holding positions such as EVP, director of strategic planning & research.