Layoff Update: Goodby, Oglivy, TBWA

By Matt Van Hoven 

It’s getting exhausting to constantly be the bearer of bad news on the layoff front. We all know it’s happening, everywhere, and so in that way it’s not really new &#151 except that we do need to hear about it. Why? Because you’re the only ones who can stop it.

Many of you are influential members of your respective teams. You’ve built agencies, brands and a respectable corner in which to dwell. Isn’t there something you can do, if you work together man!?

I’d rather be riffing about some great new initiative than telling you that TBWA/Chiat/Day New York apparently laid off like, 20 people more than a week ago, and that Ogilvy is apparently doing the same. Alas, there’s no saving grace to speak of. Please inform me if I am wrong. If you’re a part of a small shop that has an innovative way around laying people off e-mail us at matT@agencyspy dot com. Let’s talk about something positive.

Oh, and apparently Goodby laid off 20 people last week too. And now I want to sleep. Deeply.

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