Lavazza, Pantone and We Are Social Team on Color to Educate People About Deforestation

By Kyle O'Brien 

Italian coffee company Lavazza has collaborated with the Pantone Color Institute to make a color that represents the Amazon rainforest and educates people about deforestation.

The Earth Day campaign, “The Vanishing Color,” by We Are Social’s Milan office, brings attention to the fact that the Amazon rainforest loses more than one million trees a day due to uncontrolled deforestation. The color symbolizes the characteristic shades of the environment and highlights how quickly we are losing it.

Pantone’s Vanishing Color.


In order to tackle the problem, since 2018 the Lavazza Foundation, in collaboration with the humanitarian charity Cesvi Foundation, has supported more than 800 indigenous communities of the Peruvian Amazon in the Tambopata Province of Rio de Madre de Dios to help with reforestation of the territory.

The awareness campaign highlights the environmental sustainability activities carried out by the Lavazza Foundation. It is the first in a series of initiatives that will come to light during the year focused on environmental sustainability.

This is not the first time Pantone has used its color platform to call attention to environmental issues. In 2019 it came out with a new color line called “Glowing Glowing Gone,” inspired by the striking colors created by some coral in response to heat waves caused by climate change.