Laughlin Constable Wants Future Clients to Push Its (IoT) Button

By Erik Oster 

Laughlin Constable created a button that generates new business, or at least that’s the intention.

The agency’s “Next Button” is an IoT button which connects prospective clients to the agency’s new business team when pressed from anywhere in the world by utilizing cellular Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD).

“At Laughlin Constable we aim to take brands from now to next by fusing creativity and technology,” Laughlin Constable director, business development Nicole Stone said. “When deciding to reach out to our ideal prospective client, we wanted to showcase this fusion by proactively attracting new national clients in a creative and attention grabbing way. We tasked our creative and innovation teams with creating a disruptive, yet fun way to break through traditional communication channels.


Stone explained that Lauchlin Constable’s innovation team, led by executive vice president, digital Paul Brienza, “developed the button functionality to send an email to the recipient along with a notification to our business development team when pushed via cellular service.”

“The box and messaging was purposefully vague to add a little mystery,” she added.

The agency identified prospective clients based on brands they admired and “could envision an opportunity to develop transformative ideas” for.

Around 60% of the prospective clients pushed the button and while it hasn’t yet led to new business, the agency is continuing talks with brands that pushed it. In the next few months, Laughlin Constable plans to expand the project to reach a total of 50 prospective clients.

“We ultimately chose the button because it encapsulated our constant drive to innovatively communicate with our target audience. Humans by nature are curious and the button was a way for recipients to easily engage with us,” Stone said.