Latest AXE Spot Apparently Full of Apocalyptic Illuminati Symbolism

By Bob Marshall 

File this little gem under “Too Good Not to Share.” After receiving this in our Anonymous Tips box, I’ve sent it to multiple people and received the same response from everyone, “I can’t stop watching this.”

In mid-July, BBH NY unveiled “Susan Glenn,” an AXE spot that shirks the brand’s usual creative emphasis on machismo and easy sex for something that men might find a little more meaningful: the high school dream girl archetype. People within the advertising industry have praised it quite a bit, pleasantly surprised by AXE’s new direction and Kiefer Sutherland’s cameo appearance. However, according to YouTube user TheGroxt, there may be something sinister brewing at BBH.

In this 15-minute frame-by-frame bout of paranoia and religious posturing, TheGroxt points out numerous imagery in “Susan Glenn” that conspiracy theorists and deeply religious folks will undoubtedly by horrifyingly shocking and deeply disturbing. For example, the skateboarder in the high school hallway shot is actually looking at the list that TheGroxt interprets as “The Lamb’s Book of Life,” also known as Jesus’ list that determines who will be allowed into heaven come Judgement Day. Later, when Susan Glenn emerges from a coffee shop in a hail of sparks an fire, she is actually experiencing the rapture and ascending to heaven. Because, obviously, BBH knew that the best way to turn unbelievers to Jesus is to do so by selling noxious body spray.

Now, this may sound silly to some (read: “sane people”), but check out the comments on YouTube. “Another great analysis. Praise Jesus,” says YouTube users GovernorJerryBrown. “Yeah, they definitely seem evil and appear to be herding along the clueless other three,” says ginslinger1, referencing the cheerleaders who TheGroxt interprets as angels of the Lord. Surely, the omnipotent readers of AgencySpy can find even more symbolic references upon close inspection. Have at it!