Las Vegas Says Average Business Offsites Aren’t Welcome in the City

By Kyle O'Brien 

Las Vegas is already known as a place for fun and a bit of sin. What happens there, stays there, let’s not forget.

But Las Vegas is also a place for business, with numerous companies utilizing the city’s many conference facilities for their gatherings. But in a twist, the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority is uninviting business travelers.

A campaign by R&R Partners, called “Not Invited to Vegas” is geared towards the business crowd, but won’t allow boring offsites in its city limits. The campaign isn’t really telling business people to stay home; it’s just telling companies that if they’re going to come for business, they better take advantage of everything the city has to offer.


The campaign challenges C-suite executives to rethink the city they’re afraid to send staffers to—scared because they know the energy is palpable and constant. Audience research for the campaign revealed these same reasons also heightened engagement, refreshed perspectives and broke down walls during offsites, because moving business forward in big ways requires risk.

“The campaign does a great job of poking the ego. No one wants to be average, especially hyper-competitive C-suite executives, and this work forces our audience to look in the mirror and ask themselves if their ready to push the boundaries of their business or simply mitigate risk,” said Garrett Jones, group creative director on the Las Vegas Tourism brand at R&R Partners.

Jones said the campaign drew a line in the sand separating the unique energy of Las Vegas from the mediocrity of other destinations, and positioning Las Vegas as a city built for bold thinking and brave behavior became a way to filter between the middle of the road and the best and brightest. The creative sends people to a site called

Las Vegas tells business travelers that ordinary is not welcome in the city.

Through online films, digital banners and radio, the campaign champions Las Vegas’ unrivaled creative energy, optimism and ambition not as a distraction, but rather the ideal destination to spark the extraordinary.