Langland’s Dogs Will Sniff Your Crotch for STIs

By Patrick Coffee 

How funny does “dogs playing with dildos” sound to you? Your answer will help predict how much you enjoy this latest, most elaborate campaign from UK health-focused agency Langland.

This long spot was created to promote “home STI (sexually transmitted infection) kit” producer Randox, which is pretty much all you need to know:

That took a while, but we get it.

Langland based the campaign on one amusing idea, but the press release also tells us that the agency has gone further than required to flesh it out:

“The light-hearted strategy, which is designed to prompt 25-34 year olds to think about their sexual health and get tested, makes extensive use of social media”

…which means a memed-out Facebook page and properly snarky Twitter feed:

STI facebook

The release also promises more videos in the series as well as an Instagram page. We nominate this still for a first post:

poor dog

We like the project, though we do feel bad for the innocent dogs forced to navigate the pink, swollen, increasingly itchy edges of London’s club scene.

Creative agency: Langland
Advertiser: Randox Laboratories
Executive creative director: Andrew Spurgeon
Art director: Tim Jones
Copywriter: Julia Jerrum
Senior digital designer: Paul Hughes
Video and motion graphics editor: David Lilley
Agency producer: Nigel Foster
Online content contributor: Tom Holmes
Chief executive: Philip Chin
Director of planning: Adrian Zambardino
Account director: Sarah Spain
Account manager: Heather Middleton
Account executive: Stefan Schroder
Digital strategy director: Mark Evans
Digital strategy manager: Harmeet Sehra
Production company: Hungry Man
Directors: Chaplin & Forbes
Producer: Claire Jones
Post-production: Nice Biscuits
Sound studio: Clearcut Sound