Landor Adds Lady’s Touch to High Life Redesign

By Kiran Aditham 

It flew under our radar when Landor San Francisco was appointed branding AOR for Miller High Life, MGD and Lite brands while simultaneously unveiling its new packaging design for “The Champagne of Beers” last month, but we always love taking a look at brand overhauls.

Unlike the bland and/or bizarre redesigns we’ve seen in recent months, we have to say this makeover looks rather classy for a beer that averages $3.50-$4 a bottle at your nearest bar. Landor’s work emphasizes the “Girl in the Moon” iconography, and according to Miller’s statement on The Dieline, which offers many more images of the repackaging, “The new visual identity allows the brand to stretch beyond the below-premium category into a more premium territory that we think positions the brand to reclaim its iconic status.” We’ll sip some “champagne” to that.


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