Kirsten Rutherford Boomerangs Back to TBWA\Chiat\Day LA

By Doug Zanger 

What a difference a week makes. Kirsten Rutherford, then global ecd at Team One, joined the inimitable David Griner, creative and innovation editor at the Adweek mothership, on an excellent episode of #AdweekTogether. (Please note the festive lights in Griner’s breezeway.)

Welp, we just found out that Rutherford is no longer at Team One, where she led work on Expedia. After a little over a year, the New Zealand native is making her way back to her old stomping grounds of TBWA\Chiat\Day Los Angeles. During her first stint starting in early 2015, Rutherford was creative director on brands including Intuit QuickBooks, Persil and Southwest Airlines.

“Kirsten is an unstoppable force who truly embodies what it means to be a pirate,” arrrrghed Renato Fernandez, TBWA\Chiat\Day L.A. CCO. “She’s a fantastic leader who knows how to extract the best from her team while pushing for creative brilliance. She brings a global perspective to her craft, and we couldn’t be happier to have her back.”


“After a fabulous adventure traveling the world with Expedia and Team One, I’m excited to be coming home to my Chiat family,” added Rutherford. “From their big brave thinking to a fair amount of rule-breaking, there’s honestly nothing quite like being a pirate.”