Kingsday, The Ambassadors Combine 2D, 3D Graphics to Create Pop Art World for MINI Auctions

By Erik Oster 

Amsterdam agency Kingsday and production company The Ambassadors combined 2D and 3D graphics to create a pop art inspired world for MINI auctions, a campaign which allows fans of the brand to “bid for a new MINI at a lower price, over a five day period between the 11th and 15th of November.”  I can’t speak Dutch, so I can’t tell you too much about what’s going on, but it sure looks cool, featuring everything from kaleidoscopic cars to a disco-inspired neon clock.

The spot, directed by Manuel Ferrari, attempts to create buzz around the new MINI campaign and target a “youthful, style-savvy audience.” It certainly succeeds at creating a stylistically intriguing aesthetic in its one minute duration. But the approach was also a way to deal with some practical limitations. “Due to the time and budgetary constraints of the project we knew that that we needed a playful, stylized creative route. The result is simple, impactful and stays true to MINI’s incredible brand heritage,” explains Ferrari. The Ambassadors had just three weeks from receiving the brief to the project going live. Given those limitations, the results are pretty impressive.

Check out the spot above and, if you speak Dutch, please tell us what the hell is going on in the comments section. Credits after the jump. 


Client: MINI

Project: Auctions

Agency: Kingsday

Production Company: The Ambassadors

Producer: Daphne Litjens

Director: Manuel Ferrari