Kindle, Amazon Unwrap Holiday Spots

By Bob Marshall 

At the low-ish price point of $139, Amazon is hoping its portable literary experiment, Kindle, will live up to its potential and hype this holiday season. To achieve its high-reaching goals, Amazon called upon production company Eyeball to produce this sentimental ad, scored with the sounds of Bibio’s nostalgia-inducing song “Lovers Carvings” and titled, “Zest”

These holiday efforts are quite a lot more palatable, at least initially, than Kindle’s stop-motion spots earlier this year, which got lost trying to be “really cool” instead of actually attempting to sell the product, making them more annoying than clever. With iPad and hundreds of comparable devices springing up on a seemingly weekly basis, Kindle has its work cut out for it trying to silence competitors.


But, as with any holiday campaign, a focus on warm fuzziness and perfect gifting (without getting too overbearingly cheesy) is just the sort of spot a company needs to be successful. Is your heart not growing three sizes too big yet? Well, after the jump, see a grandma find the best Christmas gift ever for her bookworm grandson. Credits follow as well.

Creative Credits: Amazon Kindle
Client/Agency: Amazon

Production Co: Eyeball

Executive Creative Director: Limore Shur, Eyeball

“Zest” Director: Jesse McGowan, Eyeball

“Grandma” Director: Limore Shur, Eyeball