Kids Curse (a Lot) in BBDO Berlin Smart Car Ad

By Patrick Coffee 

Here’s an unusual “WTF??” ad launched about a month ago by BBDO Berlin for Daimler AG’s teeny-tiny Smart car division.

The work could be (very loosely) described as an anti-road rage campaign for which the Berlin team convinced several kids to use words that we couldn’t quite comprehend when we were their age.

As mentioned above, get ready for a mouth full of f-bombs:

Some of these kids may be cursing thanks to the magic of technology, but they’re all very irritated. The campaign attempts to (again, very loosely) connect the problems associated with driving an over-sized car to the parental failure of teaching one’s sons and daughters to use the sort of language you turn to when confounded by the frustrations of your everyday life.

If you only had a more easily parkable car, your offspring would be better behaved and, presumably, more generous to others.

Our main question: what was the phrase that had to be bleeped out if the kids can get away with such coarse language?