Kia’s Super Bowl Spot: Models, Metal and Meaty Sandwiches

By Bob Marshall 

For the all screenshots I’d seen of a scantily-clad Adriana Lima holding a checkered racing flag, I didn’t have very high expectations for Kia’s Super Bowl spot. But, I was wrong, and David&Goliath definitely delivered on this :90 vacation to a fantasy world driven by the Optima.

What happens when a man is accidentally given access to the sweetest of sweet dreams? He enters a world of super models, Mötley Crüe, giant sandwiches, fire, rhinoceros rodeos, MMA fighting (featuring a cameo from Chuck Lidell) and, of course, fast cars. But, even a perfect world can’t stand in the way of this hero and his significant other. With his Optima, he breaks into his lady’s dream, “rescuing” her from a white horse-riding hunk who looks dull compared to our protagonist. It’s the kind of “manly” everyman story that beer brands somehow continue to fail at telling with each new ad campaign.

Going into the Super Bowl, the majority of hype is undoubtedly surrounding VW’s sequel to last year’s “The Force” and Honda’s homage to Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. After the big game, we hope to see Kia and D&G receive due credit for producing a commercial better than those from their more talked-about competitors. Credits after the jump.

Update: For a play-by-play on how this spot came to life, see D&G copywriter Justin Bajan’s blog post on Adpulp.

Chief Creative Officer: David Angelo

Executive Creative Director: Colin Jeffery

Associate Creative Director: Eron Broughton

Associate Creative Director: Phil Covitz

Copywriter: Justin Bajan

Art Director: Dan Madsen

Executive Producer, Managing Director: Carol Lombard

Executive Producer: Paul Albanese

Producer: Jennifer Mersis

Managing Partner, Client Services: Brian Dunbar

Group Account Director: Brook Dore

Account Director: Justin Manfredi

Management Supervisor: Jill Jagger

Account Supervisor: Nancy Ramirez

Director of Strategic Planning: David Measer

Strategic Planner: Steven Garcia

Production Company: Biscuit

Director: Noam Murro

(director of Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures’ upcoming “300” prequel)

Director of Photography: Salvatore Totino

Executive Producer: Shawn Lacy, Colleen O’Donnell

Line Producer: Jay Veal