Kia Teases David&Goliath’s ‘Walken Closet’

By Erik Oster 

If you like puns based on Christopher Walken‘s last name, boy do we have the Super Bowl teaser for you…

Kia teased its Super Bowl spot from David&Goliath with the 15-second “Walken Closet.” The teaser opens with a man searching for his beige socks. His significant other informs him they’re in the walk-in closet, but when he enters said closet he’s greeted by a vaguely threatening (is there ever a time when he’s not?) Christopher Walken who asks him, “Richard, are you looking for these?” The agency’s 60-second Super Bowl spot will run during the third quarter and promote the 2016 Kia Optima. Beyond that, the brand has hinted that the ad  will “continue to spotlight the next-generation Optima as the vibrant alternative for those determined not to blend in.” We’re guessing, then, based on that line, that Walker will offer the man an alternative to his plain beige socks and showing him what the new Optima has to offer.

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