Kia Says You’re a Hampster, Spinning Aimlessly, Unless You Drive Their Car

By Matt Van Hoven 

For less that $14k you can pick up a Kia Soul &#151 a car that the automaker hopes will sell with some help from cutesy head-bopping hamsters. In the above ad by David & Goliath, three hamsters cruise in a pimped out version of the Soul (presumably optioned-out), zooming past other hamsters who are stuck running in place in their hamster wheels. It’s all very mid-90s Nissan (think “Toys”), and kinda Scion-ish if you ask us. But hey, there weren’t enough square cars already so thanks Kia, for this addition.

We’re being sarcastic. There’s the Scion xB, Honda Element, Ford Flex and now the Soul. It’s getting crowded in here.

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