KFC Covers All Your Demographics in FCB Spot

By Patrick Coffee 

This latest FCB Chicago spot for KFC can’t solve the diversity problem at ad agencies, but it can easily solve the challenge of casting diverse actors in ads: pick one member from each major demographic and place them around a kitchen table even larger than The Barbarian Group’s legendary desk…

In case you missed the point, it’s that age, race and other factors the U.S. Census considers important don’t matter much when it comes to fried chicken.

All the advertising stock characters make an appearance: cartoonish bodybuilder, hippie chick, old guy presumably from Texas, child dressed in animal costume…

Adweek tells us that this “satisfy everyone” strategy stems, in part, from a steady decline in KFC’s market share around the world.

When we visited (Yum Brands’ largest market) China in 2010, Kentucky Fried was the go-to hot spot. But that was before regulators started paying attention to the chicken in question…



Agency: FCB Chicago
Todd Tilford, CCO
Ivo Knezevic, EP
Chuck Rudnick, GCD
Gabriel Schmitt, CD
Gustavo Dorietto, CD
Matt Hartwig, PBM
Ben Gladstone, SVP, Group Management Director
Alex Jokanovic, Account Director
Alicia Caillier, Account Executive
Shannon Balmat, Assistant Account Executive

Production Company: Hungry Man
Scott Vincent, Director
Kevin Byrne, Managing Partner / Executive Producer
Dan Duffy, Executive Producer / Director of Sales
Mino Jarjoura, Executive Producer
Nancy Hacohen, Executive Producer
Craig Repass, Producer

Postproduction: Lord+Thomas
Jackie Moorman, Editor
Celena Mossell, Senior Post Producer