Kevin Bacon Worships Kevin Bacon Thanks to Logitech, Google TV

By Michael Musco 

This spot from Goodby, Silverstein & Partners for the Logitech Revue with Google TV stars Ivan Cobenk, aka Kevin Bacon, who is an obsessed fan of, yes, Kevin Bacon (during the Footloose era of course) and uses his Revue to keep him immersed in everything Bacon. So much for a six degrees game.

Does this spot really show off the capabilities of the device? The message is whatever content you want to find, you can get through this device. Well, while we know for sure you won’t have a problem finding anything Bacon-related, it would be nice to see a little diversity. It would only help the product. Peep full credits after the jump.


Client:    Logitech
Product:  Harmony Revue

CD/Co Chairman:  Rich Silverstein
Exec. CD/Assoc. Partner:  Margaret Johnson
Group CD: David Kolbusz
Art Director:  Croix Gagnon
Writer:  Nat Lawler
Producer: Jan O’Malley
Executive Producer: Elizabeth O’Toole
Assistant Producer: Whitney Ferris

Group Acct. Director:  Leslie Barrett
Acct. Manager: Erin Fromherz
Asst. Acct. Manager:  Elizabeth Mueller
Operation Manager: Renee Fisher& Liz Jones

Production Company:  Smuggler
Director: Ringan Ledwidge
Cameraman/D.P.: Alwin Kuchler
Line Producer:  Sally Humphries

Editorial Co.:  Spotwelders
Editor:  Rich Orrick
Asst. Editor: Sophie Kornberg
Post Producer: J. Patrick McElvoy

Telecine:  MPC Mark Gethin
On-line/Finish:  MPC
Executive Producer: Mark Tobin
Head of production: Andrew Bell
On-line artist: Mark Holden

Audio Mix:  Lime Studios-Rohan Young

Graphics/vfx Info:  Woodshop
Creative Director : Trevor Shepard
Executive Producer – Sam Swisher

Special Kevin Bacon makeup:  Legacy Effects

Final Music:  Mutato Muzika
Creative Director: Mark Mothersbaugh
Executive Producer: Robert Miltenberg

Stock Footage:  Corbis Motion