KBS Parts with First Global Chief Creative Officer Patrick Scissons After 18 Months

By Patrick Coffee 

MDC Partners agency KBS has started the new year with a big change, parting with its global chief creative officer Patrick Scissons.

CEO Guy Hayward confirmed that, moving forward, the role will be phased out in favor of a New York City-based CCO.

“A New York chief creative officer will be announced in due course,” said Hayward, who added that “the global CCO role will be eliminated.” He said the decision “was about where we want to focus our creative energies.”


Scissons joined KBS in June 2016 after spending five years as creative lead at Grey Canada in Toronto, where he played a key role in the launch campaign for post-Newtown gun control advocacy group Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America. He previously founded “multidisciplinary agency” Birthplace and spent several years with the BBDO organization.

“We are reinvigorating the New York team,” said Hayward, pointing to the recent hires of global chief technology officer Keith Butters, president Mike Densmore, chief strategy officer Ted Florea, chief production officer Madison Wharton and chief talent officer Michele Prota. They replaced a series of senior-level leaders who left for other agency jobs earlier this year.

Hayward said KBS’s new CCO will come on board before the end of the quarter.

The most recent news regarding the agency was the announcement that it would not be participating in the recently-launched BMW creative review. The five shops currently facing off for that account are Droga5, W+K, Anomaly, GS&P and Hill Holliday.